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  • Deckard Homes & Apartments: Policies

    Download a Sample of our Lease by clicking here... (pdf)

    Pet Policy

    Pets are allowed at many of our properties. Pets should have an excellent rental reference from a previous landlord. Large dogs and certain breeds of dogs, including but not limited to Rottweiler, Doberman, Akita, German Shepherd, Pit Bull, Chow, and any mix of the above, and some reptiles are not allowed in our homes. A non-refundable deposit and a monthly fee is required. The home must be treated for fleas and professionally deodorized upon termination. All waste must be cleaned up from the lawn at all times. Litter boxes should be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. Carpets and floors must be free of waste at all times. All indoor animals must be house trained. When no one is home, all dogs must be secured in a crate or kennel. The City of Bloomington requires all pets to be on a leash when outdoors.


    Tenants are not allowed to paint the walls, trim or woodwork or place wallpaper on the walls. A limited number of small picture nails are permitted. All units are painted with a particular brand and color of paint. This allows ease of touch up painting between tenants, and minimizes the costs to tenants.


    Most of our units have off-street parking available. Parking is not allowed on the lawns or sidewalks. Some neighborhoods do require permit parking on the streets.

    For more information go to:


    Please mail your rental payment to: Deckard Homes & Apartments, P.O. Box 110, Bloomington, IN 47402. Rental payments must be in the form of one check or payment regardless of the number of tenants at the unit. The payment must be from either (1) a person named on the lease, (2) a parent of someone named on the lease, (3) a financial assistance organization on behalf of a person named on the lease, or (4) a financial institution on behalf of a person named on the lease. Please note the rental address on the payment. Late fees are assessed on past due accounts.


    Rental permits issued by the Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development are posted in all of the Bloomington rental units. The rental permit and the lease agreement state the occupancy for each unit. The Occupancy Limit states the maximum number of unrelated persons or a single family (single family as defined by the Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development) that can reside in the unit. Occupancy may be checked by confirming number of beds in unit, number of cars in parking area, names listed on the mailbox, etc. If there is a discrepancy in the occupancy limit and the number of persons living at the unit, then the tenants are responsible for any fines or penalties to bring the occupancy and lease agreement into immediate compliance.

    For additional information:

    Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development


    The information contained within this website is for general purpose use only, subject to change without notice. Measurements, square footage, and floor plans are estimated and should only be use as approximate measurements.

    Copyright © 2005 Deckard Homes P.O. Box 110 - Bloomington, IN - 47402
    Phone: 812.825.5579 - Fax: 812.825.5578 - All Rights Reserved

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